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Les A. Gellis, Ph.D.

Les A. Gellis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Teaching

508 Huntington Hall


Ph.D., University of Memphis

BA, SUNY Albany

Representative Publications

  1. Gellis, L. A., Park, A., Stotsky, M. T. & Taylor, D. J. (2014). Associations between Sleep Hygiene and Insomnia Severity in College Students: Cross-Sectional and Prospective Analyses. Behavior Therapy.
  2. Gellis, L. A., Arigo, D., Elliot, J. C. (2013). Cognitive Refocusing Treatment for Insomnia: A Randomized Controlled Trial in University Students. Behavior Therapy, 44(1), 100-110.
  3. Gellis, L. A. & Park, A. (2013). Nighttime Thought Control Strategies and Insomnia Severity. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 37, 383-389.
  4. Gellis, L. A. (2012). An Investigation of a Cognitive Refocusing Technique to Improve Sleep. Psychotherapy.
  5. Gellis, L. A., Gehrman, P. R. (2011). Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia in Veterans with Longstanding Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Pilot Study. Journal of Aggression Maltreatment & Trauma, 20, 904-916.
  6. Gellis, L. A., Gehrman, P. R., Mavandadi, S. & Oslin, D. W. (2010). Predictors of Sleep Disturbances in OEF/OIF Veterans Reporting an Emotional Trauma. Military Medicine, 175, 567-573.
  7. Gellis, L. A., Lichstein, K. L. (2009). Sleep Hygiene Practices of Good and Poor Sleepers in the United States: an Internet-Based Study. Behavior Therapy, 40, 1-9.
  8. Gellis, L. A., Lichstein, K. L., Scarinci, I. C., Durrence, H. H., Taylor, D. J., Bush, A. J., & Riedel, B. W. (2005). Socioeconomic Status and Insomnia. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 114, 111-118.

Research and Teaching Interests

Les' research focuses on cognitive and behavioral elements that contribute to stress, insomnia, and other sleep disorders. Les is currently interested in testing and designing techniques to treat insomnia and understanding and causes and consequences of sleep problems in University students.