Sheldon Stone

Distinguished Professor of Physics

Research Interests

  • Experimental elementary particle physics.
  • The Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment (LHCb.)
  • Searches for New Physics in B decays.
  • Development of new hardware for the LHCb detector.


1972 Ph.D. in Physics
University of Rochester
1967 B.S. in Physics cum laude
Brooklyn College

Awards & Professional Honors

  • Fellow American Physical Society

Selected Publications

“First observation of BsJ/ψf0(980) decays”,. LHCb Collaboration (R. Aaij for the collaboration). CERN-PH-EP-2011-011. Feb 2011. 16 pp. Published in Phys.Lett. B698 (2011) 115-122 e-Print: arXiv:1102.0206.

“Leptonic Decays of Charged Pseudoscalar Mesons”,. Jonathan L. Rosner, Sheldon Stone. EFI-10-2, SUHEP-10-01. Feb 2010. 10 pp. e-Print: arXiv:1002.1655.

B Meson Decays”.  Marina Artuso (Syracuse U.), Elisabetta Barberio (Melbourne U.), Sheldon Stone (Syracuse U.). Feb 2009. 80 pp. Published in PMC Phys. A3 (2009) 3 e-Print: arXiv:0902.3743.

“`S-waves and the Measurement of CP Violating Phases in Bs Decays,” S. Stone and L. Zhang, Phys. Rev. D79 (2009) 074024  e-Print: arXiv:0812.2832.

”The Cleo Rich Detector,” M. Artuso et al.,  Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A554 (2005) 147-194 arXiv:physics/0506132.