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Tadeusz Iwaniec

Tadeusz Iwaniec

John Raymond French Professor

304F Carnegie Library

Research Interests

Main theme of research: nonlinear analysis and geometric function theory. This includes the topics listed below.

Linear and Nonlinear Elliptic PDEs:
  • Very weak solutions
  • Lp-regularity theory
  • Orlicz-Sobolev type estimates
  • Differential forms
The Calculus of Variations:
  • Weak convergence methods
  • Jacobian determinants and null Lagrangians
  • Polyconvex and quasiconvex functionals
  • Deformations of Finite Distortion:
  • Functions of one complex variable
  • Quasiregular mappings in Rn and the governing PDEs
  • Topological properties of weakly differentiable mappings between Riemannian manifolds
  • Harmonic Analysis Methods:
  • Singular integrals (sharp estimates)
  • Interpolation and nonlinear commutators
  • Hardy spaces
  • Such general topics intersect modern areas of applied mathematics; nonlinear elasticity, material science, microstructure of crystals and so forth.


Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Warsaw, 1975

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
215 Carnegie Building
Syracuse, NY 13244-1150

Fax: (315) 443-1475

Awards and Distinctions

  • Chancellor's Citation for Faculty Excellence and Scholarly Distinction, 2008
  • Doctor of Philosophy Honoris Causa, University of Helsinki, May 25, 2007
  • 60th Birthday Conference
  • Foreign Member of Polish Academy of Sciences, 2005
  • Polish Scholarship Fund's Pole of the Year, 2003. Post-Standard article about the award, 5/11/03
  • Prix 2001 L'Institut Henri-Poincare Gauthier-Villars for the paper Quasiharmonic Fields
  • William Wasserstrom Prize, College of Arts and Sciences, 2001/2002

Professor Iwaniec receiving the William Wasserstrom Prize 2001/2002
William Wasserstrom Prize 2001/2002
L'Institut Henri-Poincare Medal 1
 L'Institut Henri-Poincare
L'Institut Henri-Poincare Medal


Personal Data
  • Tadeusz Iwaniec, US citizen
  • Employed: Department of Mathematics, Syracuse University
Educational Career
  • Habilitation, 1979, University of Warsaw
  • Ph.D., 1975, University of Warsaw
  • MA (with Distinction), 1971, University of Warsaw
Academic Positions
  • John Raymond French Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, Syracuse University, 1996-present
  • Professor Syracuse University, 1986-1995
  • Visiting Professor, Courant Institute, 1985-1986
  • Visiting Professor, University of Texas, 1984-1985
  • Visiting Professor, University of Michigan, 1983-1984
  • Associate Professor, Polish Academy of Science, 1981-1983
Selected Presentations
  • 2002 Presentation of "Quasiharmonic Fields", at the Ceremony of Prix 2001, Institut Henri Poincare (Paris)
  • 2002 Plenary address in the Academia dei Lincei (Rome)
  • 1983 Invited lecture at the International Congress of Mathematicians (Warsaw)
Graduate Students
  • 2010 Derek Gustafson
  • 2008 Tomasz Adamowicz
  • 2003 (Spring) Uma Subramanian, completed her Ph.D.
  • 2002 (Spring) J.R. Osterrieder, completed his MS
  • 1998 (Fall) A.S. Almannaei, completed his Ph.D.
  • 1998 (Fall) R. DeCampo, completed his Ph.D.
  • 1995 (Fall) L. Budney, completed his Ph.D.
  • 1994 (Spring) Q. Dawood, completed his Ph.D.
  • 1993 (Summer) C. Scott, completed his Ph.D.
  • 1991 (Summer) S. Habre, completed his Ph.D.
Co-Advising, PhD Students Joint with other Advisors
  • 1994 Bianca Stroffolini (Univ. of Naples) completed her Ph.D.
  • 1993 Luigi Greco (Univ. of Naples) completed his Ph.D.
  • 2000 Anna Verde (Univ. of Naples) completed her Ph.D.
  • 2002 Flavia Giannetti (Univ. of Naples) completed her Ph.D.
  • 2003 Luigi D'Onofrio (Univ. of Naples) completed his Ph.D.
  • 2002 Jani Onninen (Univ. of Jyvaskyla) completed his Ph.D.
Grants, Awards, Honors
  • N.S.F. 2003-2006 #DMS-0244297. Collaborative Research Grant with: M. Bonk, A. Eremenko, J. Heinonen and S. Rhode
  • N.S.F. 2003-2008 #DMS-0301582
  • N.S.F. 2000-2003 #DMS-0070807
  • N.S.F. 1997-2000 #DMS-9706611
  • N.S.F. 1994-1997 #DMS-9401104
  • N.S.F. 1992-1994 #DMS-9208296
  • N.S.F. 1990-1992 #DMS-9007946
  • N.S.F. 1988-1990 #DMS-8807924
  • Prize of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 1980.
  • Foreign Member of Academia de Scienze Fisiche e Matematiche, Italy 1998-present.
  • Alfred Jurzykowski Award in the Field of Mathematics, New York 1997.
  • William Wasserstrom Prize of The Colleges of Arts and Sciences (Syracuse University 2002) for Excellence in Graduate Teaching.
  • Prix 2001 Institut Henri-Poincare Gauthier-Villars (Paris, 2002), for the paper Quasiharmonic Fields, Ann. I.H. Poincare Analyse Nonlinearire (2001), 519-572.
  • Chancellor's Citation for Faculty Excellence and Scholarly Distinction 2008
Six Significant Publications
  • Analytical Foundations of the Theory of Quasiconformal Mappings (with B. Bojarski) Annales Acad. Sci. Fenn. (1982), 257-324.
  • Geometric Functional Theory and Nonlinear Analysis (with G. Martin), monograph, Oxford University Press (2001).
  • Mappings of finite distortion: Monotonicity and continuity (with P. Koskela and J. Onninen), Inventiones Mathematicae, 144 (2001), 504-531.
  • Weak Minima of variational integrals, (with C. Sbordone), Journal Reine Angew. Math. 454(1994) 143-161.
  • Quasiregular mappings in even dimensions, (with G. Martin), Acta Math., 170 (1993), 29-81
  • p-harmonic tensors and quasireguar mappings, Annals of Mathematics, 136 (1992), 589-624
Five Publications of Recent Study
  • Non-linear Cauchy-Riemann operators in Rn, Trans. AMS, Vol. 354, No 5 (2002), 1961-1995
  • Estimates of the Jacobians by subdeterminants (with F. Giannetti, J. Onninen and A. Verde), Journal of Geometric Analysis, 12 No. 2 (2002), 223-254.
  • The failure of rank-one connections (with G. Verchota and A. Vogel), Arch. Rational Mech. Anal. 163 (2002), 125-169.
  • Quasiharmonic fields (with C. Sbordone), Ann. I.H. Poincare-AN 18, 5 (2001), 519-572
  • Mappings of BMO-bounded distortion (with K. Astala, P. Koskela and G. Martin), Mathematische Annalen 317 (2000), 703-726.
Recent Preprints are available on arXiv

Mathematical Associates
  • Ph.D. Advisor: Professor Bogdan Bojarski (Polish Academy of Sciences)