Pedro Cuperman

Professor, Spanish

Research and Teaching Interests

Professor Cuperman teaches Latin American Literary Theory with special emphasis in post-structuralism and semiotic theories. His courses explore linguistically-oriented concepts in verbal and visual art (poetry, fiction, film narrative.) by fusing semiotics and hermeneutic models.His scholarly publications have focused on the Neo-Baroque in contemporary Latin American writers and visual artists, He also writes Artists Books and writes and directs Video Texts. He is the founder and editor of Point of Contact (1975) Originally a quarterly, since 2009 a book series, the publication serves as a venue for creative scholarship and original art, providing a cross-disciplinary space for world-renowned as well as emerging writers, artists and scholars. Point of Contact retains an international character, along with continuing strong ties to Latin-American arts and literature. The organization and all its divisions are housed on the campus of Syracuse University and supported by grants from Chancellor Nancy Cantor, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Visual and Performing Arts, and the Coalition of Museum & Art Centers at Syracuse University (CMAC)


Spanish 301: Approaches to Reading Literary Texts

Spanish 600:    Literary Theory and Research Methods


LICENCIADO EN FILOSOFIA. Departmento de Filosofia, Universidad de Buenos Aires1964: Graduation Thesis: El Problema del Mal en la Filosofia de Martin Buber (The Problem of Evil in the Philosophy of Martin Buber). (Sobresaliente- High Distinction).

BACHILLER (B.A) Colegio Nacional Jose Manuel Estrada//Nacional Hipolito Irigoyen. (Graduated with Honors) 1958.

Senior Research Fellow at Center of Advance Studies in Philosophy and Religion, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. Working under Professor T.R.V. Murti. 1964-66.


1964: Assistant to the Chair of Philosophy and History of Religion, (first academic stage at the
Department of Philosophy, Buenos Aires University,) 1964
1964-66. Senior Research Fellow at Center of Advance Studies in Philosophy and Religion,
Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. Research Advisor: Professor T.R.V. Murti.
1967-68: Visiting Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Connecticut.
1969: Senior Fellow at the Center for International Studies, New York University.
1969-74: Assistant Professor: Department of Spanish and Portuguese, New York University.
1976: Assistant Professor, Literary Theory, Department of Language, Literatures and Linguistics,
Syracuse University.
1979-1980: Guest Fellow at the Seminar on Avant Garde Studies, Department of French Studies,
New York University.
1981-89: Visiting Lecturer on Aesthetic Theory at the New York Studio School of Drawing,
Painting and Sculpture. New York City.
1984 to 2003: Taught Fall Graduate Theory courses on Film Theory with Prof. Owen Shapiro, at
the Department of Art-Media Studies, School of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University.
1985-86: Visiting Professor, Buenos Aires University, Facultad de Filosofia y Letras.
1985: Senior Fellow at the Instituto de Literatura Latinoamericana, Buenos Aires University.


First Book
Pedro Cuperman and Izhar. Patkin, Go East by Going West Photography by the Stedelijk
Museum, Amsterdam. A collector’s Edition, Milan: Carla Sozzani, Editore, 1990.

First Book
Pedro Cuperman and Nancy.Graves,Tango (First numbered Edition), New York: Iris Editions, 1991.

Monograph Editions

Writing Across Cultures, co edited with Douglas Unger, (Proceedings of The Lawrence Discovery
Symposium: American Baroque/ Baroque American/ Five Hundred Years, Lawrence University,
April 1993, Syracuse, NY, Point of Contact Vol. IV, No.2. 1995.

Julio Cortázar: co edited with Saúl Yurkievich, Syracuse, NY, Point Of Contact, Vol. IV, No. 1,
Fall/Winter 1994.

Americas Baroque: Syracuse, NY, Point of Contact, Vol. III, No.3, April 1993.

Eye on Cinema, with Owen Shapiro, Syracuse, NY. Point of Contact, Vol.5 No.1 1996.

On Silence, Syracuse NY, Point of Contact, Vol. V, No 2, Fall/Winter 2001.

On Love, co edited with Alicia Borinsky, Syracuse, NY, Point of Contact, Vol. VI, No 1-2, 2002.

On Sports, Syracuse NY, Point of Contact, Vol. VII, No 1-2, March, 2004.

Point of Contact: 3O Years Anniversary, Syracuse, NY, Point of Contact/ Syracuse University Press, Volume 8, No 1-2, 2005.


Ea(s)t, a 18-minute, Text Pedro Cuperman, Cinematography Owen Shapiro, produced and
directed by Pedro Cuperman and Owen Shapiro., Syracuse, NY, Point of Contact 1989.

Eyes of Perez Celis: A poetics of Color. Video, color, stereo, DVD & VHS, 29 minutes.Text,
Pedro Cuperman; Cinematography, Owen Shapiro, Produced and Directed by Pedro Cuperman
and Owen Shapiro. Syracuse,NY Point of Contact, 2003.

Vinyl and red Lips. A 20 minute’s video Text, Pedro Cuperman. Cinematography Owen Shapiro.
Directed by Pedro Cuperman and Owen Shapiro. Syracuse, NY, PCOS Productions, 2010.