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Dorri Beam

Dorri Beam

Associate Professor

415 Hall of Languages

Courses Recently Taught

ETS 192:  I do/I don't: Marriage and American Literature

ETS 350:  Captivity in America

ETS 360:  What Was Sex? Nineteenth-Century American Literature and the History of Sexuality

ETS 420:  Nineteenth-Century American Literature Redux

ENG 630:  Graduate Pro-Seminar: Nineteenth-Century American Literature

ENG 730:  Graduate Seminar: What Was Sex? Nineteenth-Century American Literature and the History of Sexuality

Research and Teaching Interests

Nineteenth-century American literature, especially the history of gender, race, and sexuality


Ph.D., University of Virginia


“Transcendental Erotics, Same-Sex Desire, and Ethel’s Love-Life” [expanded version]. Exaltadas: Genealogies of Women and Transcendentalism, ed. Jana Argersinger and Phyllis Cole. The University of Alabama Press, 2014. 

“Henry James, Constance Woolson, and the Figure in the Carpet.” American Literature’s Aesthetic Dimensions. Ed. Christopher Looby and Cindy Weinstein. Columbia University Press, 2012.

“Fuller, Feminism, Pantheism.” Margaret Fuller and Her Circles, ed. Briggs Bailey, Kate Viens, and Conrad Wright. Massachusetts Historical Society and University of New England Press, 2012.

“Transcendental Erotics, Same-Sex Desire, and Ethel’s Love-Life” ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance 57.1-2 (2011) 51-78.

Style, Gender, and Fantasy in Nineteenth-Century American Women's Writing
. Cambridge University Press, 2010.

“The Flower of Black Female Sexuality in Pauline Hopkins’s Winona.” Recovering the Black Female Body. ed. Vanessa Dickerson and Michael Bennett. Rutgers University Press, 2001. 71-96.