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Donald I. Siegel

Donald I. Siegel

Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor, Earth sciences
Earth Sciences

204 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Research and Teaching Interests

* Development of lump-parameter and new modeling approaches to characterize non-point contamination and solute transport in watersheds in the United States and China
* Wetland geochemistry and hydrogeology
* Isotopic geochemistry of water and solutes to characterize solute sources and groundwater resources
* The intersection of law and hydrology


World Water (HNR 250)
Hydrogeology (EAR 511)
Environmental Aqueous Geochemistry (EAS 400/600)
Contaminant Hydrogeology (EAR 400/600)


Zeno Levy (PhD Student)




Selected Publications

1. Chanton, J., Chaser, L., Glaser, P. and Siegel, D.I., 2004, Carbon and hydrogen isotopic effects on microbial methane from terrestrial environments, In: Stable Isotopes and Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions,Ed. Flanagan, L.B., Ehleringer, J.R. and Pataki, D.E., Elsevier Press. New York, p.85-101.

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5. Otz, Martin H., E. Hinchey, D. I. Siegel, Heinz K. Otz, and I. Otz, 2004, Fluorescent dye-tracing as a cost-effective tool in applied contaminant hydrology: A case study of synchronous spectro-fluorometry in a heavily oil-contaminated aquifer, In Proceedings of the National Groundwater Association Hydrocarbon Meeting, Baltimore, MD , 45-60. p 198-209.

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