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David M.  Althoff

David M. Althoff

Associate Professor
Department of Biology

440 Life Sciences Complex

Research Interests

Evolutionary ecology of species interactions, insect community ecology, molecular ecology, phylogenetics.


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Idaho (2002-2005)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow/Senior Lecturer, Vanderbilt University (1998-2002)
  • Ph.D., Washington State University (1998)
  • M.S., Washington State University (1993)


  • BIO 105: Technology Inspired by Nature
  • BIO 345: Ecology and Evolution
  • BIO 400/600: Biomimicry

Selected Publications

  • Althoff, D.M. (2014) Shift in egg-laying strategy to avoid plant defense leads to reproductive isolation in mutualistic and cheating yucca moths. Evolution 68:301-307.
  • Althoff, D.M., K.A. Segraves and M.T.J Johnson (2014) Testing for coevolutionary diversification: linking pattern with process. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 29:82-89.
  • Althoff, D.M., W. Xiao, S. Sumoksi, and K.A. Segraves (2013) Florivore impacts on plant reproductive success and pollinator mortality in an obligate pollination mutualism. Oecologia 173:1345-1354.
  • Althoff, D.M., K.A. Segraves, C.I. Smith, J. Leebens-Mack, and O. Pellmyr (2012) Geographic isolation trumps coevolution as a driver of yucca and yucca moth diversification. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 62:898-906.
  • Kolaczan, C.R., S.B. Heard, K.A. Segraves, D.M. Althoff and J.D. Nason (2009) Spatial and genetic structure of host-associated differentiation in the parasitoid Copidosoma gelechiae. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22:1275-1283.
  • Althoff, D.M. (2008) A test of host-associated differentiation across the 'parasite continuum' in the tri-trophic interaction among yuccas, bogus yucca moths, and parasitoids. Molecular Ecology 17:3917-3927.