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Jesse Nissim

Jesse Nissim

Faculty Fellow in the Humanities

108 Tolley Humanities Building


Jesse Nissim is the author of Where they would never be invited (Black Radish Books) and National Poetry Series Finalist, Day cracks between the bones of the foot (Furniture Press Books). She has also authored four poetry chapbooks: Nesting instinct (Nous-Zot), Day cracks between the bones of the foot (Furniture Press Books), SELF NAMED BODY (Finishing Line Press), and Alphabet for M (Dancing Girl Press). After completing her BA at Smith College, she worked with established literary artists in New York and expanded her poetic practices while preparing for graduate school. After receiving her MFA in poetry at San Francisco State University in 2005, she taught creative and critical writing in San Francisco Bay Area Colleges and Universities until she began teaching at SU in 2010. Her work has appeared in numerous print and online publications such as Barrow Street, Fourteen Hills, Handsome, H-NGM-N, HTML Giant, Many Mountains Moving, New American Writing, La Petite Zine, Really System, RealPoetik, Requited, RHINO, Shampoo, Sixth Finch, Spoon River Poetry Review and 90s Meg Ryan. Jesse has received several grants and awards for her writing. Here at SU, Jesse Coordinates the First Year Seminars and teaches CAS 100 classes on contemporary poetry. She enjoys introducing undergraduates to stunning and moving poetry across an aesthetic range, proving that there is no artistic boundary to what a poem can or should do, although we can argue there is an ethical one. She greatly enjoys working with students on their own poems and essays.

Research and Teaching Interests

Creative writing, contemporary poetry and poetics, documentary methods in poetry, lyric poetry, chance operations and poetic experiments, and approaches to the writing process that combine creative and critical methods.


Lyric Adventures and Contemporary Poetic Forms

Poetry of Struggle: Writers on Social Justice

Documentary Poetics

Experiments with Language


Where They Would Never Be Invited Cover

Where They Would Never Be Invited

Black Radish Books, 2016.

Daycracks Front Cover

Day cracks Between the Bones of theFoot

Furniture Press Books, 2015. (Full collection)

Nesting Instinct chapbook cover

Nesting Instinct 

Nous-Zot Press, 2014 (chapbook)

Day Cracks Between the Bones of the Foot

Day cracks between the bones of the foot

Furniture Press Books, 2013. (Chapbook)

Self Named Body


Finishing Line Press, 2012.

Alphabet for M Alphabet for M
Dancing Girl Press, 2007.