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Deborah  Justice

Deborah Justice

Carole & Alvin I. Schragis Faculty Fellow
Art & Music Histories

308 A Bowne Hall

Research and Teaching Interests

Ethnomusicology, Popular Music, Music and Religion, Folk Musics


Ph.D.Ethnomusicology, Indiana University 2012


Music, Religion, and America

American Music History

Country Music

Music and Sports

Selected Books and Book Chapters

Books  Pipe Organs verses Electric Guitars: Music and the Future of American Protestantism (in progress) 2015

           A Community, Not a Tradition: The Hammered Dulcimer in the United States. Jackson: University of Mississippi Press (manuscript requested by press) 2015

           Klezmer for Hammered Dulcimer. with Pete Rushefsky (submission to press forthcoming) 2014

           Middle Eastern Music for Hammered Dulcimer. Pacific, Missouri: Mel Bay. 2009

Book Chapters 

          "Give Us A Piece of that Old Time Religion: When the Mainline (Re)claims Evangelical Musical Heritage." Locating Christian Congregational Music Indigineity, Cosmopolitanism, and Diversity. London: Ashgate (forthcoming) 2015

           "Multi-site Mediated Worship: Simulcast Sermons and Live Local Praise Bands." Media and Religion: The Global View, Stewert Hoover, ed. (forthcoming) 2014

            "The Festival of World Sacred Music: Creating a Destination for Tourism, Spirituality, and the Other." The Changing World Religion Map, Stan Brunn, ed. New York: Springer (forthcoming) 2014

            "A Cosmopolitan Dichotomy: Mainline Protestanism and Contemporary versus Traditional Worship Music." The Oxford Handbook of Music and World Christianities, Suzel Reily and Jonathan Dueck, eds. New York  and Oxford: Oxford University Press (forthcoming) 2014

Selected Articles and Reviews

Articles   "Mainline Music after the Worship Wars." Liturgy. (forthcoming) 2015

                 "Relgion Reinserted: When Church and Cinema Blur Boundaries through Media-Savvy Evangelicalism." Journal of Religion, Media, and Digital Culture. 3(1): 84-119. 2014

                 "Public, Private; Contemporary, Traditional: Intersecting Dichotomies and Contested Agency in Mainline Protestant Worship Music." Folklore Forum, 40:1. 2010

                 "Middle Eastern Music for the Hammered Dulcimer." Dulcimer Sessions. 2010

                 "As It Was in the Beginning, Is Now, and Ever Shall Be?: Church Organists, Musical Continuity, and Community." Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology. Vol. 14. 2009

                 "Ken Kolodner: Hammering it Home." Dirty Linen, #19, Aug/Sept, 29-31. 2005

Reviews    Review of In Journal of World Popular Music. (forthcoming) 2014

                  Review of Justin Wilford's Sacred Subdivisions: The Postmodern Transformation of American Evangelicalism. In Marginalia. 2013

                  Review of Alexandra Walsham's The Reformation of the Landscape: Religion, Identity, and Memory in Early Modern Britain and Ireland. In Journal of Folklore Research Reviews. 2012 

                  Review of Webb Keane's Christian Moderns: Freedom and Fetish in the Mission Encounter. In Journal of Folklore Research Reviews. 2009

                  Review of Paul Tyler and Clark Halker's Folksongs of Illinois. In Journal of Folklore Research Reviews. 2008

                  Review of Scott L. Marcus' Music in Egypt. In Journal of Folklore Research Reviews. 2007

                   Review of Jane Goodman's Berber Culture on the World Stage: From Village to Video. In Journal of Folklore Research Reviews. 2006

                   Review of Philip V. Bohlman, Edith Blumhofer, and Maria Chow (eds.)'s Music in American Religious Experience. In Journal of Folklore Research Reviews. 2006